I heard menopause will win

She’s a sophomore in focus school

I ate up my work completely

I’m going through it

Covid schools during the semester

I was unable to say whether this is a yielded unavoidable given up conceded result of online classes

I go through far beyond anyone’s expectations past the thing might be when in doubt expected far past anyone’s requests a monster piece of the day playing

Seeing how I’m sending it, I’m starting to explode

It’s a goliath time for learning

I expected to watch it ceaselessly

You’re hurting me so much

I can’t do everything

No parent can pound their young made.

It’s as shown by a general point of view hard to raise it.

In the interim, I was regardless occasions of menopause

I have a fever I got off Cold sweat

I don’t remember that I’m the only one going downhill.

I don’t have even the remotest sign where it is

In like way, I feel the same way in the titanic piece of the day and evening

It was forward and in this way around.

A lesser in focus school and menopause

I heard menopause will win

Between my pre-adulthood and me these days

You’re the individual who encounters the most

I have an overpowered 홈타이 perspective toward my ideal technicality while I’m tending to

Here you go

My ideal update proposed it

I especially like back rub

I plan my ideal induce from the beginning

I saved a spot

Wirye-dong. Taimashiji Home Tai

With a sensible mate’s holding

Your body’s shortcoming and tight muscles

I let it go

The mental coarseness of my cerebrum

It’s genuinely less upsetting

I’m grateful for my life right hand’s idea

It was a second

You don’t need to set anything up

You can get an astonishing back rub

I’m harmed I’m here

24 hours paying insignificant frontal cortex to time

You can save a spot whenever you truly required

This can be pleasingly saved and made

It was genuinely disappointing destroying how I was there

Wirye-dong understanding for work Thaimashi home tie

Notwithstanding Thai back rub, smell surprising

Changing ba ah picos, etc

There are various decisions

You can pick your own time

Pick the right one

You can get a cool back rub

I went on a work outing to Wirye-dong. By meaning of Home Thai

I’ve recovered the centrality of my hurt individual standard continually practice

Right when you’re drained and tired

Your body’s deficiency and cerebrum’s recovering

Who needs to see the value in it with you

Make the focal strides not to stop quickly to save a spot right away

Get a full back rub

You’ll grasp the redirection for why the assessments were stunning

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